Salvation Roots

All it started with a seed. But it was not a common seed. This seed was brought to us from abroad. And when I say abroad, I really mean it. Nowadays abroad means “from another planet”. So, here we had this alien seed we sowed in the middle of our idyllic, almost natural, garden. This seed had been sold to us as the solution to our declining harvests due to the genetical entropy caused by unknown factors. We didn’t have a very clear idea of what kind of tree would grow out of it, but we expected something extraordinary. A tree that would give us plenty of fruits we could count to feed our children.

The future of humankind depended on it

Instead, it had very strong and deep roots. Roots that quickly spread all around the garden… and soon surpassed its limits. We noticed a fatal feature in this vegetable species: it was badly attracted by electromagnetic fields. After some weeks, this plant had spread all around our telecommunications and power networks, interfering with their functioning. This supposed the end of our civilization as we knew it.

After our technological civilization collapsed, we saw a resurgence in nature. Native species of fruit-giving trees spread, and humans had not choice but to leave their non-functioning virtual connections and return to the countryside. The system collapsed, but now we had something tasteful to eat.

Apple returned to mean the name of a healthy fruit.


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