Pure Water!

I drink water…Water better than poison! Water is good for me! Water I need! The purest water is… …the better it feels! Mineral water… …from the fountain comes! Water! Don’t alter you! Water! Don’t intoxicate you! Most of you……water is! Water! Constituent of you. Drink water! No poison… …to be healthy! More or less……two liters […]

Suffer Well

Suffer well my friend, Suffering is the price you pay… for the sins you did. Suffer well my friend. You can be proud if you survive… because once you have paid the price, you are free of guilt. Suffer well… Suffer well… It’s not that bad If you survive All rights reserved © 2009 Mick […]

If Love resided between us.

Imagine what we could have done… If love resided between us. We could have been happy together. Not in the war we fought. But you trod my foot. And I hated you because of that. So I hit you in the face. Now I regret our relationship. Because I understand I can’t be happy in […]

Salvation Roots

All it started with a seed. But it was not a common seed. This seed was brought to us from abroad. And when I say abroad, I really mean it. Nowadays abroad means “from another planet”. So, here we had this alien seed we sowed in the middle of our idyllic, almost natural, garden. This […]

Hello World!

I’m a human who basically works as a sequential art author, illustrator, graphic designer and web developer. I plan to use this blog as a vehicle to showcase my artwork.